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        1. Furniture Quality Dynamics
          Real time updates on the latest developments in the home furnishing industry and understanding major events.
          Quality Service strength
          The facilities are complete and can meet the full chain testing and quality service needs of home products.
          • 2000cover
            Various testing instruments and equipment
          • 43term
            Company led and participated in the development of furniture industry group standards
          • 1083
            Certified testing standards
          • 12303
            Having project parameters (as of April 2023)
          southwest China
          South China
          East China
          Since 2004
          It is the core technical support of two major service platforms, Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association and Shenzhen Furniture Research and Development Institute. It is a third-party testing institution focused on improving the quality of the furniture industry chain, and also a professional institution in China that focuses on comprehensive testing and consulting services in the furniture field. Headquartered in Shenzhen, it has three major experimental bases in South China, East China, and Southwest China.

          Saide Testing is committed to providing quality technical services that radiate throughout the entire industry chain, including inspection and testing, quality analysis, standard formulation and research and development, furniture procurement supervision, quality improvement training, quality control system construction consulting, and enterprise laboratory construction guidance consulting, for furniture and its upstream and downstream industries across the country.
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